We believe that serving is an essential part of growing in our relationship with Christ. Jesus said in Matthew 20:28 that even though he was God on earth, he didn’t come to be served. His purpose was to serve other people and to give everything he had for them. In the same way, we’re called to serve and put others first.

And there’s plenty of ways to get involved at CONCORD and to join in the mission of serving others. If you’re already passionate about a certain area of ministry, that’s awesome! We can get you connected with the leadership in that area. But if you’re not quite sure where to start, what your gifts and strengths are, or what might be a good fit you, we’d love to help. Just contact the church office, and we’ll walk through some ideas of where you can start serving in a place that you enjoy and that uses your God-given strengths and abilities.

For more information on volunteering, contact the church office, concord@concordlife.com or 314-843-3500.